GooseBumpsters - the game


The Story

There was a scary sound from that old castle. Noone in town wants to believe the kids, they all seem frightened about anything. Who would have thought the kids are so stupid to go and investigate on their own initiative. They took a camera and some alarm units with them, wrote "Goosebumpsters" on each cap and headed off to the haunted mansion to take a picture, proving the counts existence. Mother always knew this much TV watching is goig to bring bad consequences, but did she know it's going to be so bad? And there he was, the poor old count, woken up by the kids, no idea where he lost his teeth the other night. Trying to find his teeth back, avoiding the annoying kids that disturbed his beauty sleep he started his search. If only he could find all four teeth and scare the kids off. But luckily the count found some sleeping gas potions he could hide, which spread out a sweet scent and will slowly bring the kids to a halt. Muhahaha. Once the count finds all his four teeth or a sleeping gas potion won't be found in time, he can relax and breakfast. But if a kid runs into him there will be evidence photos, people will come and make a sensation from this place and this mansion is no longer a good hideance. Poor old count.


  • Mulitplayer option over LAN or internet
  • Extras: Sleeping gas potions, alarms
  • Clever computer AI (single player mode)
  • Unlimited gameplay - random levels
  • Excellent graphics
  • Hide and seek for grown ups

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